Earth Angel/Year of the Dragon

Today begins the year of the water dragon in the lunar/Chinese New Year. This year is going to be full of change and transformation. The simpliest thing you can do for yourself and your own transformation is to follow along with the stream, go with the flow. Fighting against it will only make the changes harder but they are coming just the same.

 The angels are telling us that many of us are waking up to the true potential you have inside. Do not be afraid, let it shine! This is who you truly are. Spread you love and light into the world because with all the changes coming the more love and light that is sent out the better.

 Many feelings, old emotions, and situations that have not been dealt with yet will begin to come to the surface. The angels remind you that they are here with you. Ask them for their help and their presence and they will be with you. Remember the angels are never to busy to help or be with you.

You are an angel on this earth …. Shine your love! ❤



One thought on “Earth Angel/Year of the Dragon

  1. I love this site, it’s so pretty, calming and full of information on Angels… thanks so much … keep up the great work

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