Angel Card ~ Clear Yourself

If you are feeling heavy and bogged down the angels have come today to tell you that it is time to do some clearing work.

These toxins can involve spiritual toxins and energies along with emotional and or physical. The angels have come to you today to tell you it is time to do an internal review and figure out what is off balance in your life.

Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed. Drink more water at this time, make sure that you are getting the 8 ounces a day and even more.

If you find that you have a lot of physical toxins from food the angels ask that you make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fibre is very helpful in carrying these toxins out.

Archangel Raphael can help you with eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less processed food. Just ask him for help 😉

Archangle Michael is exceptionally good at clearing away toxic energy within our spiritual and emotional bodies. Lay or sit in a way that your

back is not touching anything. Ask Archangel Michael to come and lift away any lower vibrational energies away such as fear, jealousy, anger etc.

Lay or sit there quietly for as long as you feel the need and then thank Michael for clearing these energies away.


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