Meditation for bringing in the new feminine energies

This is a meditation I found for bringing in the new feminine energies that are coming to us with the transit of Venus 2012. Please take the time and help to usher in these energies both for the planet and yourself. 

Step 1) Relax your body by watching your breath for a few minutes. Take deep breaths from the belly and blow out like you are blowing out a candle.

Step 2) Visualize a pillar of electric blue light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun going into the top of your head and coming out of the bottom of your feet and anchoring into the earth. Keep this pillar of light active for a few minutes. Then visualize a beautiful goddess coming towards you and merging with your physical body. Stay present with this for a while. 

Step 3) Visualize a bright new future for humanity where the masculine and feminine are balanced and whole. (taken from the video below all credit goes to them)

This is also the perfect time to release and let go of traits within yourself that you no longer wish to have. Release them to the light and let them go. 

I suggest you do this meditation a few times over the next 40 days to help anchor these new energies in. 

Lots of love, light, and angel hugs xoxo


2 thoughts on “Meditation for bringing in the new feminine energies

  1. Thanks for Sharing…. 🙂

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    This sounds good to me….:)

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