Sometimes life sneaks up on you

Often times we travel along our path. Things seem to be going “wrong” so to speak. These things are happening to us for a reason. The universe is giving you setbacks for a reason. These are like signposts along our journey alerting us that the way we are going is the wrong way. The longer you travel down this path it seems that more and more things don’t go our way.

You must take action to change your direction because if you don’t life will give you a situation where you no longer have that choice. Eventually after so long a big up-rooting will occur. Wether it be the end of a relationship, sickness, loss of job etc. These things force you to change.

Even though these up-rootings are difficult and not our first choice they are needed in order to move forward. So the advice in this is … when things seem to constantly work against you, you know that the path you are on is not what is needed for your life mission.

You are given many opportunities to take another path. Choose to go with the flow … even if at the time the choice may seem like a difficult one. It will inevitably be even more difficult when you have no other choice. Ask you angels for help with these changes for they are always on your side and will do what they can to make these transitions easier.



One thought on “Sometimes life sneaks up on you

  1. Thanks… and I agree with you.. perhaps this is way it helps sometimes to understand your natal chart, as in this way you can get a picture of who you are, leading to an understanding of where you natural path should lead…. Great blog Angel….. 🙂 keep sharing….

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