Change The Way You See Things

I know that I have heard from a few different people that things seem to be a little bit off. The energies going around seem to be very intense and I do believe it is the way that we choose to look at things that makes all the difference. 

Being a spiritual being doing their best to live a spiritual life does not mean that things will always be peachy. Things in life will sometimes take you totally by surprise and just when you think you are recovering you get hit again.

I have learned that it is not the situations you are dealt in life that make you who you are,  it is more in the way you choose to see things and how you choose to handle those things.

Nobody is perfect and it may take you a little time. You might feel sorry for yourself for a few days, be angry at the world, think that life sucks and have a  why bother mentality.

Believe me if you can find a way to change the way you see and think about things then indeed the things that you look at change. Your situation isn’t as grim as you had once believed. Chances are there is even a lesson or two hidden in there and we all know lessons help us evolve 🙂

Lots of Angel Hugs xoxo


2 thoughts on “Change The Way You See Things

  1. Greta says:

    Thanks Angel… I agree, and would like to add my thoughts.

    As we are physical beings living in a physical world, sometimes the physical aspects of us can make it more difficult for us to think in a positive manner and or to see situations from a spiritual angle..

    Hormonal changes and fluctuations within our physical system regarding vitamins and minerals can have confusing and sometimes negative affects upon our emotional/mental and spiritual states… But these can be corrected and balanced… it is therefore important to be aware of our physical self’s so that we connect with our spiritual selves…. 🙂

  2. I agree with you 100% Greta, the physical is immensely important! You do however have to have the thought in your head to create the healthy changes you need 🙂
    Balance comes on three levels, physical, emotional, and spiritual 🙂 You have to take care of all three.

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