Healing and Prayer Request September 12 2012:

To all healers, light workers and just plain caring people… healing and prayers are requested this day for the following: 

Patient: Brad Baker: Location: Oshawa, Ontario. 

Brad is a young 24-year-old, who has recently been diagnosed with the C word. 

He was presented with two choices:  Treatment through Chemo and Radiation or surgery, as there was no guaranteed treatment would get rid of it all… 

Brad has opted for option 2, surgery. He will be undergoing the operation on September 24 2012 in the city of Toronto. This is a 7 hour surgery

After surgery there will be rehabilitation and hopefully a full recovery in time. 

Healing Requested By: 

Sandy (Brad’s mum) and caring friends. 

SGC asks that you remember Brad in your healing and prayers,  not just for today, but for as many days as you can… and especially during September 24 2012: 

Love is the greatest healer, and when we send out healing and prayers with good intention in our hearts we are sending light and love…. :)  

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4 thoughts on “Healing and Prayer Request September 12 2012:

  1. Always …. healers unite 🙂

  2. Addie says:

    Hi all just been praying. I still suffer panic fear. Please pray for me. Blessings to all. From Addie

  3. Hi Addie, this might interest you if you would like to request healing https://celestialmessages.wordpress.com/2012/09/18/healing-requests/

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