Angel Card ~Sept. 20, 2012~ Focus on Divine and Perfect Health

The angels are telling us that a lot of us have been feeling off lately. There are some strong energies going around that are causing our bodies to develop physical symptoms such as headache, nausea, and just a general feeling of unease. These are energies that have been buried deep within and are being brought out in order for you to work through them and release them. These issues of the past are no longer helping you. Take the lessons that were meant to be learned and let go. The angels ask that you please take the time to let your body rest, this is very important.

This is also the time of year when people begin to catch colds and flu. During the change of seasons is also when your body detoxes. So it is of utmost importance that you feed your body temple what it needs in regards to nutrients and vitamins right now. Get your immune system working and strong. The angels are also reminding us that drinking water is key. Help those toxins flush out easily so you are not left feeling groggy.

Archangels Michael and Raphael are near waiting for you to ask for their assistance during these changing times.

Lots of Angel hugs and healthy loving thoughts xo


3 thoughts on “Angel Card ~Sept. 20, 2012~ Focus on Divine and Perfect Health

  1. Thanks for this, I needed it today… 🙂 I feel the hugs… and send some your way too…

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