Spring Equinox Reading

Now is the time to reflect on all of the hardships that you have gone through in the last little while. Please know that your tears were not in vain. It was a necessary clearing of the old in order to make room for the new.

Take the time to reflect on everything from the past and release anything that no longer serves you. Leave the energies in the old cycle so that what is being put into the womb of creation now has the ability to be born.

Instead of hiding your strength and being afraid of seeing yourself and others seeing you as powerful embrace that side of you. Let it mesh into your being and let it help guide you forward.

You are being asked to love without condition. Unconditional love is a very powerful thing. This means that you are being asked to love yourself unconditionally first. We are all so hard on ourselves and it is now time to start showing ourselves the love that we deserve.

The world of spirit is communicating with you and asking that you take time to notice the signs that they are leaving for you. Know that you are never alone and are being guided in the right direction.

This indeed is a new beginning … soon the trees will have leaves, the grass will grow, there will be beautiful flowers about. Please know that this is happening for you as well . There is a promise of something new.

The nature angels are asking that you spend time out in nature. This is very nurturing for you. You are also being asked to help mother earth. This could be done by picking up trash in your neighbourhood to lending your hand to a cause or signing petitions to make a difference.

This time is very significant … there are many children being born . One of their main goals is to return mother earth back into what she is supposed to be and help people return to nature. To teach people that it is ok to have the technology but it is also important to nuture the planet we are on. She is the only one we have been given and there are more and more people waking up to the injustices that are being done to the people and the planet and that we can make a difference and change things before it is too late.


3 thoughts on “Spring Equinox Reading

  1. SGC Admin says:

    Love this post… thanks for sharing the wisdom… Happy Spring 2013 🙂


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