Time to let Go

The angels are saying that this next week is a time for release. It is really time to let go of what no longer serves you. If you hold too tightly to what you had in the past then there is no room for the bright gifts of the future to come into your life. The angels suggest that you take the time to set aside special time for this. They understand that it may be difficult but they are always there and are waiting for you to call on them for their assistance.

Please don’t fight the currents of life because if you do you will find yourself battered and worn down when you get to your destination. Let things go, go with the flow and get to where you are going with ease. Life has a way of teaching you the lessons of letting go when you are unable or unwilling to do it yourself.

The angels advice is to take small steps in the right direction. A babystep is better than no step and it will lead you to where you are supposed to be one step at a time.

Lots of Love on your Journey


One thought on “Time to let Go

  1. SGC Admin says:

    Thanks for the reminder… 🙂

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