Now is the Time ~ May 28, 2013

We have had some intense energies coming through the past little while with 2 lunar eclipses and a solar eclipse.

Many people were faced with the task of cleaning out deep dark emotions that were buried deep inside. This was not a fun time for many but it was necessary.

The universe has made you face things that you can no longer ignore. This may have been a game changer for many people. With endings in your life such as the endings of jobs, relationships, and just moving on in your life with things that no longer serve your highest good.

The angels say the easiest way through all of this is to not be rigid in your ways. You must learn to bend with life so that you do not break.

Now is the time to see what you want for your future and take guided action. The saying now applies “fake it until you make it”. Whether you believe it or not, act the way you would like to be. This is a type of affirmation to yourself because soon enough you will find yourself doing these actions with grace and ease.

The angels also say that it is time to stand tall like a mountain. The tears have fallen now wipe them away and find that strength deep within. Don’t let anyone push you around or let you second guess your choices. You are moving in the right direction, have faith in yourself.

There is so much promise for the future. Even though you may still feel lingering sadness. Know that it is all a process and it was necessary to clear it from your life. You needed to clean out the nasty, the mediocre, and even what seemed good so that something better can come in.

Remember your angels are always with you. They most certainly are waiting for you to call on their assistance in this time.

Lots of Love on your journey xoxo


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