Feeling Heavy ~ Feb. 25, 2014

You may feel like you are in a pressure cooker lately. All the pressure is coming down and making you feel heavy and or sad. Doors are closing, know that this is happening for the big change in energy that is going to be happening at the end of this week. However, you can expect to feel this for the next couple of months but differently then you are feeling it now. The heaviness will drop away, it is a clearing, you can not carry heaviness and that which does not suit you anymore. It has become too much of a burden and you know that they were not the right choices for your spirit, not the true direction you were meant to take. So let the heaviness be … feel it, understand it and then let it fall away in order to make room for the new.

Lots of Love on Your Journey xo


July 21, 2013 ~ Inner Balance

Today you are being asked to find your inner balance. One of the most perfect ways to do this is to spend time out in nature. Connect with our mother earth, connect with the nature spirits, they will help bring out the joy in your heart.

Lots of Love on Your Journey xo

July 19, 2013 ~ Water Energy

Today we need to tap into our nurturing and loving energy. The energies right now are very watery and with water you have to learn to go with the flow or be swept up by the current. This week you are also being asked to pay attention to the phases and the energy of the moon because it will have an effect on your emotions.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo

July 18, 2013 ~ Courage

Today you are being told that you need to hold that courage strong. You have taken steps to come into your new self and you need to not waiver on that. Know that you are doing the right thing even though it may not add up to what someone else believes you should be. Only you know who you are meant to be!

July 9, 2013 ~ Face the Darkness

There is a positive to all this difficult energy that you are facing. If you think back to last year November-February 2012 there were issues that you were facing then. These energies also played a role in the shift that is coming up. Know that you got through those energies and came out with new truths and a different understanding of how things worked. It is almost like the universe is telling you to hold tight because you have already looked at and faced many of your deep dark secrets. You have brought up many of the things that you would have rather left hidden but were forced to dig out and cleanse. You are capable of facing the dark within yourself and this time around you are better prepared if you allow yourself to be. Face the darkness, face what is hidden deep within your secret closets to reveal the light of your being.