June 27, 2014 New Moon in Cancer

Happy New Moon in Cancer everyone.

New Moons are about beginnings and starting things while cancer is about feelings and nurturing. Begin your new project, nurture it and give it the attention it deserves. Cancer is ruled by the moon so it is quite happy here. Things are emotional and watery. Best advice is to go with the flow.

Many have found the energies of the last little while to be draining and exhausting. Look to the new moon in cancer as a time and a chance to nourish yourself and re-energize.



Astrology ~ Why April 2014 is so Significant

April started off with a new moon in Aries happening March 30.The theme starting off the month was beginning something new and with all of the alignments and major configurations it was no mistake. The new moon signifies beginning new projects but to have it in Aries the sign of pushing you forward and providing you with the energy needed to do so is significant.

This month is eclipse season. Eclipses are all about karma and fate. This lunar eclipse on April 15 was in the sign of Libra. You could also find Mars retrograde in the sign Libra and was also joined by the North node.

This shows that this month is based on some deep karma in regards to relationships. There is the cleansing and uprooting of fears and blockages in order to make room for the new. Any relationships started at this time you will find have spiritual roots.

Pluto moved retrograde April 14 … when Pluto changes it direction we can expect to feel a shift or change within our own lives. To add to it Pluto squares Uranus exactly on April 21, this signifies evolutionary change. Uranus represents higher awareness, revolution, invention and change. Uranus is a planet that can be shocking and unpredictable.

Pluto represents change, destruction of old, transformation and renewal.

Neither Uranus nor Pluto are emotionally based planets. However, their impact will be felt deeply. You may notice something deep stirring within, restlessness, stress and or frustration. The answer to this square is to embrace the changes that are occurring and take the steps toward initiating change in your life.

It is also extra intense because it is right in the middle of a Grand Cardinal Cross. Cardinal signs are about moving forward, the energy it takes to change the seasons and therefore this cross holds a lot of power as it involves all of the big planets; Mars, Pluto, Uranus and Jupiter. This may be uncomfortable but it is something that we are all moving through. The story may be different for each individual but the intensity of it is the same. The best way to get through is to embrace it all because the changes are happening either way so you might as well embrace it and make the best of it.

The Sun moves into Taurus right in the middle of this Cardinal Cross. Some of the questions you should be asking yourself are what are you going to manifest within all this extreme energy and change? What do you value in life?

Underneath all of this we have a Trine in water which is signalling that all of this has its roots in changing you on a spiritual level and that listening to your intuition through it all is very important.

Next up we have the solar eclipse in Taurus on April 29. This month is definitely big … what will you do with it all? This month is kind of like the catalyst launching you into a new direction and it is just the beginning and an intense beginning it is … you will be feeling all of this energy for a while. So work with it and make it all worthwhile.


April 22, 2014 ~ Collective Oracle ~ Water

Today you are being guided to spend some time to connect to the energy of water. Water has ties to emotions and rejuvenation. Take the time, even if it is only in the shower to acknowledge emotions that have not been serving you and picture the water wash over you and cleanse these emotions away. If you can find the time meditate near a body of water and take extra care today to listen to your intuition and follow it’s guidance, you might just be surprised.


Nov.1, 2013 ~ Breath~

Today you are being asked to retreat inwards. Find your place of sanctuary and find peace there. Concentrate on your breath. Make sure it is deep. You’re breath is a wonderful way to connect you with what matters. Many of us take breathing for granted and when you pay attention to your breath you will often notice that it is quick and shallow. Change the way you breath and it will change the way that you feel. 

Your strength is not found from others but rather from within.

~Lots of Love on your Journey~


Collective Reading for the week of Sept. 9-15, 2013

This week is kind of like a magical in-between time. You have the ending of an old cycle and the beginning of a new one.

This energy is very focused on your earthly life. So it will be geared more toward solid tangible things such as home, money, but also relationships. Anything really that affects your earthly life.

So it would only make sense in order to make this transition easier would be to spend time in nature connecting with mother earth and all she has to offer. There is so much beauty around you; water, sky, forests. We are all connected to a bigger picture. We are all connected to the earth.

This week you will begin to move forward into this next phase of your life and you will be able to see the positive side to your ending. For without the ending you would not be able to experience the gifts that your future holds for you.

You are being asked to take the time and visualize what you want your future to look like. It is imperative that you make some kind of plan and begin making steps in that direction.


Lots of Love on your Journey xo


Reading for Aug.26-Sept.1, 2013

This week what you have started in the past will begin to come to completion. The energies have changed and we are into Virgo energy now. Virgo is the time of harvest.

This week there is a lot of inner work going on. A lot of learning who we really are on a deeper level. You may have found yourself doing things that don’t resonate with who you truly are or the life that you wish to live.

You should not feel guilty or worry that you have gone off of your path because that is truly a waste of time. Forgive yourself and move on. Take the lesson, leave the rest.

Even though you may not be happy with choices that you have made they were a part of your path and journey. Even though it doesn’t feel comfortable it is a type of energy that is going to make you look deep inside.

If you take time and patience with yourself you will find that there is a new level of spiritual understanding entering your being.

More and more people are waking up to this spiritual activation. There are so many more people awake and aware now as opposed to 10 years ago and the numbers continue to grow.

Once again selenite comes up as a tool that will help you through this time. While you are working through your issues and truth selenite will help you tie in that deeper spiritual meaning and help you anchor that truth into your being.

Some people may feel spacey this week and so you are being reminded to ground your energy to the earth.

Lots of Love on your Journey