Collective Angel Oracle For June 9-15, 2014

Forgot to upload this to the site last week but here it is.
Archangel Michael was coming through load and strong with important messages!
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Reading ~ June 17-23, 2013

The angels are telling you this week that movement is important. When you don’t get up and move your energy becomes stagnant and is not able to flow.

A great way to get your energy going and your creative juices flowing is through dance. Close the curtains and dance like no one is watching. Let yourself be free … there is no wrong way to do this!

Singing is also a recommendation this week. Last week we saw an emphasis on the throat chakra, this is being carried into this week. Singing is a wonderful way to increase your oxygen intake and help to clear blocks in your throat chakra. Remember it isn’t about how well you can sing or dance but the way it makes you feel. Have fun with it is this week! Let the music of the universe flow into your life.

The angels are also saying that this week it is important to spend as much time in nature as you possibly can. This doesn’t just apply to nice sunny weather. If you have a day that is warm and rainy go outside, get wet, and enjoy the cleansing effect of the rain. Kids love playing in the rain, let your inner child out. Heck some of you might even want to sing in the rain! 😉

If you end up with a week full of beautiful sunny weather spend as much time outside as possible. Soak in the rays of the sun and the vitamin D. Play in your garden, ground your barefeet to your mother earth. Nature has so much to offer. Make sure that you haven’t cut nature out of your life. Time with nature is needed, it helps you to connect with your true self and the connection to all that is.

Archangel Michael is here to tell us all that we need to cut our etheric cords. People acquire etheric cords throughout their day and interactions with others. When you cut your cords with Archangel Michael nothing of love is ever cut away. The cords that are cut are fear based and do not help you or the other person with whom you are connected. Cutting cords won’t remove the person from your life. Only the fear based energies that you are both exchanging. Some symptoms of etheric cords are fatigue, irritation, anger etc …

Sit down quietly in a chair and take several deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you feel relaxed ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut your cords. You may feel tingling, pressure, temperature changes or you may feel nothing at all. Sit there for 5-10 mins or until you feel the cord cutting is complete. Then call in Archangel Raphael to fill all spaces where the cords were cut with healing green light and love. See a green foam fill this places and seal in the love and light.

Thank the angels for the healing and assistance and slowly open your eyes.

Lots of Love and Light on your Journey xoxo

Angel Card ~Sept. 20, 2012~ Focus on Divine and Perfect Health

The angels are telling us that a lot of us have been feeling off lately. There are some strong energies going around that are causing our bodies to develop physical symptoms such as headache, nausea, and just a general feeling of unease. These are energies that have been buried deep within and are being brought out in order for you to work through them and release them. These issues of the past are no longer helping you. Take the lessons that were meant to be learned and let go. The angels ask that you please take the time to let your body rest, this is very important.

This is also the time of year when people begin to catch colds and flu. During the change of seasons is also when your body detoxes. So it is of utmost importance that you feed your body temple what it needs in regards to nutrients and vitamins right now. Get your immune system working and strong. The angels are also reminding us that drinking water is key. Help those toxins flush out easily so you are not left feeling groggy.

Archangels Michael and Raphael are near waiting for you to ask for their assistance during these changing times.

Lots of Angel hugs and healthy loving thoughts xo

Etheric Cord Cutting

What are etheric cords? They are hollow tubes that run from one person to another energetically. These cords are created out of fear based attachments with another individual and they need to be cut. Often times a person has pain that they cannot explain or just a sense of being tired all the time with no concrete reason as to why. Etheric cords may be the problem.

Cords are often created by feelings of unforgiveness, co-dependency, fear of abandonment, etc… Very often people do not create these cords and drain your energy on purpose. They do not mean to cause you pain or discomfort in any way. Often times are biggest cords are with those that we love the most and spend the most time with such as siblings, parents, mates, best friends. Also people who work in the healing profession often develop cords with their clients so it is always wise to remember to cut your cords after every session.

Cutting etheric cords that are attached to other individuals does not damage or get rid of any of the love that you and that person have shared. Cords are strictly based out of fear and cutting them is beneficial for you and the other person. Cutting cords doesn’t mean you are taking that person out of your life or that you don’t love them anymore, it just ensures that the energy that the two of you exchange is positive.

If however, you cut cords and carry on your relationship in the same manner that has created the cords or you are unable to truly forgive the person for things they have done there is a very good chance that these cords will grow back again.

*A cord exhibiting control in a relationship *

Very often fighting and conflict results in cords that grow out of your solar plexus chakra, people you have had sexual relations will find the cord comes from your sacral chakra, people who you grieve over are attached to your heart chakra, relationships where you feel you have carried all the weight or burden often will grow out of your shoulder blades or if it was a very pain based relationship.

Etheric cords aren’t just attached to people … often times people will form etheric cords to material objects and homes. I remember living in a place and wanting to move so badly but things just never seemed to work out. I finally got the idea to cut my cords to my currant home and within a week I was moving. Cords that are attached to your home are often coming out of the bottom of your feet.

How to cut Etheric Cords

To cut your etheric cords call on Archangel Michael. Michael is the angel who carries a sword of light and it is a very helpful tool in cutting cords.

Find a few minutes to sit quietly and call upon Michael; ask him to cut away all your etheric cords. You may feel sensations, pressure, tingling or nothing when this happens.

When you “feel” that Michael has finished call upon Archangel Raphael to come give his healing green light and fill all the places where the cords were to facilitate healing and give you a sense of peace.

Thank the angels for their assistance and then you are done. You can cut your cords anytime you feel the need.

Angel Card ~ Clear Yourself

If you are feeling heavy and bogged down the angels have come today to tell you that it is time to do some clearing work.

These toxins can involve spiritual toxins and energies along with emotional and or physical. The angels have come to you today to tell you it is time to do an internal review and figure out what is off balance in your life.

Ask the angels to release any toxic energies that you may have absorbed. Drink more water at this time, make sure that you are getting the 8 ounces a day and even more.

If you find that you have a lot of physical toxins from food the angels ask that you make an effort to eat more fruits and vegetables.

Fibre is very helpful in carrying these toxins out.

Archangel Raphael can help you with eating more fruits and vegetables and eating less processed food. Just ask him for help 😉

Archangle Michael is exceptionally good at clearing away toxic energy within our spiritual and emotional bodies. Lay or sit in a way that your

back is not touching anything. Ask Archangel Michael to come and lift away any lower vibrational energies away such as fear, jealousy, anger etc.

Lay or sit there quietly for as long as you feel the need and then thank Michael for clearing these energies away.