Angel Card Oct. 21, 2014 ~ Renewal

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Renewal ~ Archangel Jeremiel

Renewal ~ Archangel Jeremiel


Collective Reading Aug.12-18, 2013

This is definitely an intense week. We have a lot of past life energy coming in. Things that have not been dealt with in the past are coming up to be cleansed. If you are willing to sit and work through it there will be a level of healing that will take place.

The big thing here is to not push this energy away. It is uncomfortable and not easy to deal with. Some of you have already pushed this energy away in the past and it is coming back around again. You are being given the opportunity to cleanse it from your life. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable for a short time while it rises to the surface to be released. Know that this uncomfortable period serves a purpose and get in touch with your inner self. If you don’t deal with it now then it will rise up again at another point down the road. The energy now available wants to dig it up and transmute it and purify the past life energy.

The uneasiness will pass and then you are being directed to create! Create the life you want, create the you that you want to be. Quiet time is needed in order for this to happen. Spend time alone and just let your mind wander. Your imagination is your best friend at this time. You need to allow it to happen, let it help create the future that you deserve. A future where you are living in your truth.

Communicating your truth is big in the cards this week. When you are living in your truth you are also speaking your truth. So many people are coming down with sore throats and coughs. These symptoms first originate in the throat chakra. What is it that you are not saying? What is it that you are afraid to show the world about the true you? Speak and live your truth!

Lots of Love and Light on your Journey xo

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Reading Aug.5-11, 2013

You have been waiting for the right time to begin moving forward fully. Well this week is the time. You are aware of what direction you are headed in. It doesn’t matter so much what steps you take what matters is that you do something towards your passions. Things are illuminating, the veils are lifting and you are feeling surer of yourself. You now feel that you have better footing on your path.

Over the last weekend you had your leisure and fun and that is exactly what the energies called for. Come Monday we have the new moon in cancer, so it is a great time to begin new projects but we must pay special attention to how it makes us feel. You are awakening to new possibilities in your life. Renew yourself, start acting the way that you want your life to be.

You are growing on a soul level and let the energy of the universe provide you with what is needed. Let your spirit shine, let the child within come out and play. When did life get so serious? Life is meant to be enjoyed. Release excess stuck energy. See the light of the sun burn away what is not needed.

Keep this week light and upbeat with a focus on where you are headed in order to create lasting happiness.

You are also being asked this week to follow the course of the moon. Monday is a new moon in cancer which is posing the question: How does it make you feel?

Tuesday the moon moves into Leo posing the questions: Is it your hearts true desire? Is it something you really love?

Friday we have the moon move into Virgo posing the questions: What is the next step? Do you have a plan?

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Reading for July 29-Aug 4, 2013

This week you are being called upon to have courage. Take time in silence to observe your fears. Know that now is the time to face these fears, don’t let them hold you back.

The energies are becoming clearer now in showing you the correct path. In your heart you know what it is. You have been getting signs and these signs are your confirmation. It is something that is being put in your path again and again. Even though this next step may not be the end result it is a step that will take you where you are meant to go.

You are advised to go into meditation and ask your fears what purpose they hold for you. Are you afraid of losing the comfort that you are living in at present? Now is the time to make the choice wether or not you continue to live in your current situation for the comfort aspect or if you push forward past your fears into the unknown, into your hearts true passion so that you may live the life you were always meant to live. Push past your limits to something wonderful.

Many people are waking up but are afraid to follow their true passion because they are worried what others will think of them. This is your life, your journey and it should be of no concern what others think. What is it that makes YOU happy? What is it that makes your heart sing?

Learn to love that you are different. Once you truly learn to love who you are on all levels then new people who also love you for who you truly are will begin to show up in your life.

The end of Aug. and the beginning Of Sept. is the energy of harvest. Make sure you are planting your seeds of change now.

Lots of Love on Your Journey xo

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My First Youtube Video ~July 29, 2013~ What’s all the Hype About?

Well today is the day! July 29, the Grand Sextile. Use this portal today to make sure you are heading toward what you love, let go of past that doesn’t work for you. Expect challenges but know you will get through if you follow your heart. Focus your energy today on what you want, ignite these passions on this day.