June 27, 2014 New Moon in Cancer

Happy New Moon in Cancer everyone.

New Moons are about beginnings and starting things while cancer is about feelings and nurturing. Begin your new project, nurture it and give it the attention it deserves. Cancer is ruled by the moon so it is quite happy here. Things are emotional and watery. Best advice is to go with the flow.

Many have found the energies of the last little while to be draining and exhausting. Look to the new moon in cancer as a time and a chance to nourish yourself and re-energize.



July 19, 2013 ~ Water Energy

Today we need to tap into our nurturing and loving energy. The energies right now are very watery and with water you have to learn to go with the flow or be swept up by the current. This week you are also being asked to pay attention to the phases and the energy of the moon because it will have an effect on your emotions.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo