Collective Angel Oracle June 2-8, 2014

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Feeling Heavy ~ Feb. 25, 2014

You may feel like you are in a pressure cooker lately. All the pressure is coming down and making you feel heavy and or sad. Doors are closing, know that this is happening for the big change in energy that is going to be happening at the end of this week. However, you can expect to feel this for the next couple of months but differently then you are feeling it now. The heaviness will drop away, it is a clearing, you can not carry heaviness and that which does not suit you anymore. It has become too much of a burden and you know that they were not the right choices for your spirit, not the true direction you were meant to take. So let the heaviness be … feel it, understand it and then let it fall away in order to make room for the new.

Lots of Love on Your Journey xo

Collective Reading (Feb 23 – March 1, 2014)

The main theme and energy for this week is HEALING.

The past little while you have been getting frustrated because there is something that you so desperately want. Well the Universe is telling you that you will continue to be frustrated because you are trying to fill a void within yourself and looking for the solution outside of yourself. Doing this is a waste of time, effort and energy. Turn that focus inward. Take time with yourself and ask yourself what it is that you need to feel complete and whole in your life. Don’t stop asking until you get an answer that resonates within you, deep in your core. Any answers that come to you that say outside sources are the answer to your happiness (such as a relationship, job, more money etc) this is your ego talking and you need to dig deeper and be more honest with yourself. These outside sources may provide short term happiness but you will still feel that emptiness within, like a hole that needs to be filled. Fill that hole with unconditional love for yourself and watch the miracles that follow.

If you are having trouble with this exercise ask your healing angels to come into your life, ask them to give you healing while you sleep. Pay attention and look for the answers you seek in the early morning when you are first waking. When you find yourself in silence …where you are able to clearly hear your higher self and angels.

Collective Reading Aug.12-18, 2013

This is definitely an intense week. We have a lot of past life energy coming in. Things that have not been dealt with in the past are coming up to be cleansed. If you are willing to sit and work through it there will be a level of healing that will take place.

The big thing here is to not push this energy away. It is uncomfortable and not easy to deal with. Some of you have already pushed this energy away in the past and it is coming back around again. You are being given the opportunity to cleanse it from your life. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable for a short time while it rises to the surface to be released. Know that this uncomfortable period serves a purpose and get in touch with your inner self. If you don’t deal with it now then it will rise up again at another point down the road. The energy now available wants to dig it up and transmute it and purify the past life energy.

The uneasiness will pass and then you are being directed to create! Create the life you want, create the you that you want to be. Quiet time is needed in order for this to happen. Spend time alone and just let your mind wander. Your imagination is your best friend at this time. You need to allow it to happen, let it help create the future that you deserve. A future where you are living in your truth.

Communicating your truth is big in the cards this week. When you are living in your truth you are also speaking your truth. So many people are coming down with sore throats and coughs. These symptoms first originate in the throat chakra. What is it that you are not saying? What is it that you are afraid to show the world about the true you? Speak and live your truth!

Lots of Love and Light on your Journey xo

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July 9, 2013 ~ Face the Darkness

There is a positive to all this difficult energy that you are facing. If you think back to last year November-February 2012 there were issues that you were facing then. These energies also played a role in the shift that is coming up. Know that you got through those energies and came out with new truths and a different understanding of how things worked. It is almost like the universe is telling you to hold tight because you have already looked at and faced many of your deep dark secrets. You have brought up many of the things that you would have rather left hidden but were forced to dig out and cleanse. You are capable of facing the dark within yourself and this time around you are better prepared if you allow yourself to be. Face the darkness, face what is hidden deep within your secret closets to reveal the light of your being.

Forgive Resentment ~ June 11, 2013

When someone else’s behaviour causes you to experience pain you may feel angry towards them or hold resentment. Doing this only causes harm to yourself and lowers your own energy. The more unkind a person is the more they need your love to help them heal their heart. Send them love from afar. This is beneficial both for you and them. It supplies them with the love they are so needing and craving and it allows you to release your anger and use it in a more positive way and provide healing for both you and the other person.