Collective Angel Oracle June 23-29, 2014

This week we are changing and the change may be a little difficult because we feel conflicted inside. Enjoy the change, you are going from caterpillar to butterfly! Archangel Chamuel is here to help us heal our hearts.


Collective Angel Oracle for June 16-22, 2014

This week the energy is very creative and the angels are pushing you to get started. There is no more time to waste, the time to start is now! This week Archangel Uriel is reminding you that if you need his help he is here for you. All you have to do is call upon him.

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Collective Angel Oracle June 2-8, 2014

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Reading for July 15 – 21, 2013

This week we are being told not to be lazy. It’s funny because the Universe is giving off energies that make us crave the comfort and laziness but at the same time is giving us the lesson that you can’t cling too tightly to these things. You must be willing to get up and move and still be able to do what is needed in order to move forward. It definitely makes for an interesting summer month. Do not get too comfortable in your current situation because things are changing and if you find yourself too immobile then you will get stuck in these unproductive energies. Now is not the time to hold too tightly to things because that which you find the most comfort in is most likely what will be shaken in order to get you moving. If you don’t do it on your own the universe will do it for you. The message here isn’t to be afraid of the energies but rather to embrace them and work with them so that the shift goes as smoothly as possible.

It is also strongly recommended that you embrace your own creativity. This doesn’t mean that you have to be “good” at it by societies standards. What it is telling you is that every single being has that creative spark within them and it helps to release blocks in the emotional body and it helps the soul sing and be happy. You are a divine creator.

Once again we have the message that there is so much magic floating about. This message keeps coming up because it is important for many of you to realize. Even though this transformation has not been the easiest on some and many have found it very challenging. The truth is that amongst the hardship so much magic it is avaibale!! Fill your cup with it and bring it forth in your life. Please do not get stuck in the illusion that things are hard and not working. Do not worry if you don’t feel the magic … it is simple a shift in your perception. Spend time meditating on what you want to create in life. Focus on what it is that you do want and let the rest go.

Many of you will notice that you are developing psychic abilities or that your abilities are growing. This in part has to do with the expansion and the ascension of the human population. If you look around there may be a lot of discord around our planet but the reason behind much of this discord is because people will no longer stand for what is not right. The collective consciousness is waking up and we are growing J

You may notice personally with your own budding psychic abilities that you are a bit more impatient with people or are quick to anger or other emotional changes. This is because you are being tweaked and are growing. This is not always the most comfortable process. You are able to feel others energies and it may take some learning to be able to differentiate what belongs to you and what belongs to the other person.

This indeed is an exciting time in our human evolvement and we all came to this earth at this time to offer our unique abilities and gifts.

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Angel Reading ~ Messages about the New Feminine Energies

All of the cards that came up for today are feminine in nature.

First card is the High Priestess: She comes to us with the message that we need to concentrate more fully right now on our intuition. Learn to trust instead of always second guessing. Have patience and know that these new energies coming down will need time. It is not an overnight transformation. We must as a whole learn to embrace our feminine side before she evolves even more highly into the empress. For the embrace knows her place and is sure and strong.

Queen of Earth: Energies that we must learn to nurture within ourselves are thoughtfulness, creativity, warmth, and sensitivity. We must learn these traits both within ourselves because we each have a goddess within and we must learn to also treat others in this way. This is our project over the next little while. Replace the feelings of impatience and anger with nurturing and love. Spend as much time as possible in nature with our “Mother” the earth. A Great goddess which we live upon and call home. It is time to start taking care of her.

Page of Water: The page is here to tell us that the new energies have been brought down and anchored in thanks to our wonderful lightworkers upon planet earth. Many of you intentionally helped bring these energies down. You may experience a cleansing of the old masculine energies such as anger over the next little while. However, you should notice a difference. When the anger comes out it is no longer blind anger. There is something inside that makes you question where this anger comes from, there is now something inside you that allows you instantly to see the situation from the other persons perspective. This is true for many traits and emotions that are necessary but in the past have been ruled mostly by masculine … there now is the balance that is needed.

The page also comes with the opening of my psychic abilities.

Lots of Love, light, and angel hugs xoxo