May 30, 2014 ~ Collective Oracle ~

Today there is a bit of tension or unease floating around. The Universe is telling you that if you really want comfort and an answer that rings true for you then the only way to get the right answer is to look within yourself for it. All the answers that you ever need can be found within yourself if you take the time to #1 ask the question and #2 listen and wait for the answer. For if you ask you will always get an answer if you know what to look for and today you are being guided to look for what feels right in your heart. It is all about feeling today as we have the moon sitting up in cancer. The sign in which it rules … a sign of feelings and emotions. Nurture yourself and show yourself some real love today.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo



Aug.1, 2013

Be aware of what is going on around you. There are opportunities around you if you are able to change your perception. You are in a state of “in between” (physical and spiritual). Great time to manifest.

July 9, 2013 ~ Face the Darkness

There is a positive to all this difficult energy that you are facing. If you think back to last year November-February 2012 there were issues that you were facing then. These energies also played a role in the shift that is coming up. Know that you got through those energies and came out with new truths and a different understanding of how things worked. It is almost like the universe is telling you to hold tight because you have already looked at and faced many of your deep dark secrets. You have brought up many of the things that you would have rather left hidden but were forced to dig out and cleanse. You are capable of facing the dark within yourself and this time around you are better prepared if you allow yourself to be. Face the darkness, face what is hidden deep within your secret closets to reveal the light of your being.

Reading for July 8-14, 2013

We have focused so much on bringing the feminine energies into the energy of the planet that we have forgotten to also embrace the masculine parts of ourselves.

In order to bring about nurturing and the feminine aspects we must realize that it is ok for you to be powerful and direct. It is needed at this time.

The angels are saying that many of us are afraid to step into our power. It is safe now for you to be powerful. Many of these fears stem from past lives. The angels are asking you this week to work with your solar plexus chakra which is located right above your belly button. It is yellow in colour like the sun. Your own personal power center.

Picture this chakra center shining brightly like the sun and if you see any darkness in this chakra imagine it being burned away with the heat of the sun, ask your angels to help you balance this chakra. Archangel Uriel is good to call on when working with your solar plexus.

There is a lesson that is being taught to each and every one of us at this time. The lesson for everyone is different and it relates to your own personal growth and purpose. These lessons started coming in around mid-June and have been coming in stronger ever since. These lessons are necessary for our growth. The angels are asking you to take a look at these lessons no matter how difficult they may seem and see what you are supposed to learn from them.

All of these lessons are appearing to help you with the big shift that is coming up this July. There is so much magic floating around if you are willing to go with the flow. Know that everything happens for a reason in its own divine time. Worry is a waste of time and energy. Feel the magic and power that is associated with this special time.

Lots of Love and Light on Your Journey xo

Reading for July 1-7, 2013

This week can definitely be a magical time if you allow it.

This week is about transformation. Last week we talked about having to leave an aspect of your life that was no longer serving you. You had to make changes in order to vibrate higher. If you took steps toward that goal you will start to see changes. It is up to you wether you see the magic that the change has given to you or if you are faced with an illusion and if you are faced with an illusion spirit is asking you to “feel”. If you feel it out you will know that it is an illusion and that you can move past it with grace. Don’t try to over process it in your mind. This week is really all about how you feel and what you know in your heart are the correct steps to take.

The universe wants you to know that there is an abundance of magic available to you at all times. It is up to you to “feel” that magic and make it a part of your daily life. This week is really about feeling things out and learning to trust your heart over your mind.

You are beginning to see some changes manifest in your life. It is a sweet reward after all of the inner work that we have all been doing. Make sure you reap the benefits that are being provided for you. When you see that opportunity grab onto it without hesitation.

The universe is also asking that you begin planting new seeds. Make a vision board or write out your goals this week. Putting into physical action is like putting an order out to the universe of what you want to create in your life. You must put in the work in order to reap the benefits.

People this week who have been working on changing their vibration will begin to feel the shift inside. This is a big moment because it shows you that your hard work is paying off. You will find yourself looking at situations differently. Instead of poor me you will look at it and say “what is the lesson in this for me”. There are new angels and guides coming into your life to help with this shift and this new awareness.

Much love on your Journey xo

Reading ~ June 17-23, 2013

The angels are telling you this week that movement is important. When you don’t get up and move your energy becomes stagnant and is not able to flow.

A great way to get your energy going and your creative juices flowing is through dance. Close the curtains and dance like no one is watching. Let yourself be free … there is no wrong way to do this!

Singing is also a recommendation this week. Last week we saw an emphasis on the throat chakra, this is being carried into this week. Singing is a wonderful way to increase your oxygen intake and help to clear blocks in your throat chakra. Remember it isn’t about how well you can sing or dance but the way it makes you feel. Have fun with it is this week! Let the music of the universe flow into your life.

The angels are also saying that this week it is important to spend as much time in nature as you possibly can. This doesn’t just apply to nice sunny weather. If you have a day that is warm and rainy go outside, get wet, and enjoy the cleansing effect of the rain. Kids love playing in the rain, let your inner child out. Heck some of you might even want to sing in the rain! 😉

If you end up with a week full of beautiful sunny weather spend as much time outside as possible. Soak in the rays of the sun and the vitamin D. Play in your garden, ground your barefeet to your mother earth. Nature has so much to offer. Make sure that you haven’t cut nature out of your life. Time with nature is needed, it helps you to connect with your true self and the connection to all that is.

Archangel Michael is here to tell us all that we need to cut our etheric cords. People acquire etheric cords throughout their day and interactions with others. When you cut your cords with Archangel Michael nothing of love is ever cut away. The cords that are cut are fear based and do not help you or the other person with whom you are connected. Cutting cords won’t remove the person from your life. Only the fear based energies that you are both exchanging. Some symptoms of etheric cords are fatigue, irritation, anger etc …

Sit down quietly in a chair and take several deep breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. When you feel relaxed ask Archangel Michael to come in and cut your cords. You may feel tingling, pressure, temperature changes or you may feel nothing at all. Sit there for 5-10 mins or until you feel the cord cutting is complete. Then call in Archangel Raphael to fill all spaces where the cords were cut with healing green light and love. See a green foam fill this places and seal in the love and light.

Thank the angels for the healing and assistance and slowly open your eyes.

Lots of Love and Light on your Journey xoxo