May 30, 2014 ~ Collective Oracle ~

Today there is a bit of tension or unease floating around. The Universe is telling you that if you really want comfort and an answer that rings true for you then the only way to get the right answer is to look within yourself for it. All the answers that you ever need can be found within yourself if you take the time to #1 ask the question and #2 listen and wait for the answer. For if you ask you will always get an answer if you know what to look for and today you are being guided to look for what feels right in your heart. It is all about feeling today as we have the moon sitting up in cancer. The sign in which it rules … a sign of feelings and emotions. Nurture yourself and show yourself some real love today.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo



Angel Card~Blessing in Disguise

The angels are saying that you are going through a bit of a struggle right now.  They assure you that everything is happening as it should. 

Even though you may percieve it as a problem it is just the opposite. It is the answer to your prayer.  We can’t always see the bigger picture and as you focus on your troubles at this time take comfort in knowing that it is leading you to where you should be. 

The angels are able to see the bigger picture and they assure you that everything is going as it should. Hand your troubles over to the angels. Let go and trust that the universe is supplying you with what you need.