May 30, 2014 ~ Collective Oracle ~

Today there is a bit of tension or unease floating around. The Universe is telling you that if you really want comfort and an answer that rings true for you then the only way to get the right answer is to look within yourself for it. All the answers that you ever need can be found within yourself if you take the time to #1 ask the question and #2 listen and wait for the answer. For if you ask you will always get an answer if you know what to look for and today you are being guided to look for what feels right in your heart. It is all about feeling today as we have the moon sitting up in cancer. The sign in which it rules … a sign of feelings and emotions. Nurture yourself and show yourself some real love today.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo



Collective Reading Aug.12-18, 2013

This is definitely an intense week. We have a lot of past life energy coming in. Things that have not been dealt with in the past are coming up to be cleansed. If you are willing to sit and work through it there will be a level of healing that will take place.

The big thing here is to not push this energy away. It is uncomfortable and not easy to deal with. Some of you have already pushed this energy away in the past and it is coming back around again. You are being given the opportunity to cleanse it from your life. You have to be willing to be uncomfortable for a short time while it rises to the surface to be released. Know that this uncomfortable period serves a purpose and get in touch with your inner self. If you don’t deal with it now then it will rise up again at another point down the road. The energy now available wants to dig it up and transmute it and purify the past life energy.

The uneasiness will pass and then you are being directed to create! Create the life you want, create the you that you want to be. Quiet time is needed in order for this to happen. Spend time alone and just let your mind wander. Your imagination is your best friend at this time. You need to allow it to happen, let it help create the future that you deserve. A future where you are living in your truth.

Communicating your truth is big in the cards this week. When you are living in your truth you are also speaking your truth. So many people are coming down with sore throats and coughs. These symptoms first originate in the throat chakra. What is it that you are not saying? What is it that you are afraid to show the world about the true you? Speak and live your truth!

Lots of Love and Light on your Journey xo

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Reading for July 22-28, 2013

The energy this week and especially on or near the full moon is about release. Getting rid of what is no longer needed in your life. This is the time to take a look at your life with a fine-toothed comb and find all of the crap that is holding you back. The beginning of next week we have an amazing alignement with the planets creating a merkaba or 6 pointed star.

So when you are advised that now is the time to release these energies and circumstances it is highly advised that you do the exercise’s needed to accomplish this. By doing so you will be truly benefit your growth. It will help to give birth to the new energies that you want in your life.

Cleansing out what is no longer working for you allows the new energies the space they need to take root.

This week is such a huge turning point, if your life is headed in the wrong direction, if you are doing things that make you unhappy if you are engaging in activities that bring down your vibration. Now is the time to do a 180 and turn it all around. No one is responsible for this, only you! This is your life and you cannot rely on others to make it better or change it.

Now is the time to truly look at yourself and your own life and decide what it is about you that makes you so amazing!! The sun moves into leo on the 22nd and leo is all about love. The most important love to have is love for yourself, for no one can be expected to love you if you do not love yourself. We are in some real and intense times. The lesson is huge now to LOVE yourself, you deserve it! Leo energy can teach us to do this.

The energy this week is also all about building dreams. We have been talking about this the last little while. Now is definitely a beneficial time. Once again find what you love, whatever it is and live it! Make sure you are being honest and truthful with yourself because anything that is fake won’t make it through, it will fall apart.

Lots and lots of determination is needed to build your dreams. You can’t give up when you don’t see instant results. Every step you take is still a step, you won’t push forward if you never move. Know that you are amazing, know what your heart is telling you is needed, know that the universe is providing you everything you need energy wise to make your life into something amazing, a life you love!

Lots of Love on your Journey xo

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July 19, 2013 ~ Water Energy

Today we need to tap into our nurturing and loving energy. The energies right now are very watery and with water you have to learn to go with the flow or be swept up by the current. This week you are also being asked to pay attention to the phases and the energy of the moon because it will have an effect on your emotions.

Lots of Love on your Journey xo

July 18, 2013 ~ Courage

Today you are being told that you need to hold that courage strong. You have taken steps to come into your new self and you need to not waiver on that. Know that you are doing the right thing even though it may not add up to what someone else believes you should be. Only you know who you are meant to be!